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About VLA

Valrico Lake Advantage Academy is a proud member of the
Charter School Associates' Family of Schools


Meet Our Principal

Mrs. Lauren Herbert received a M.Ed in Curriculum, Instruction, and Technology in Education from Temple University and a M.A. in Educational Leadership from American College of Education.  She is currently the Principal at Valrico Academy.  Mrs. Herbert believes in a shared leadership approach to education.  
She encourages her teachers to grow professionally alongside of her students. Her professional interests focus on setting high standards for all students and tracking learning gains through careful observation of student data.  In addition, she serves as the chair of the Attendance Committee and is an active supporter of the PTSO.


The mission of Valrico Academy is to provide students with a well-rounded elementary school education, through a challenging program, with a focus on teaching of mathematics and science in the light of proven and innovative instructional methods in a stimulating an nurturing environment that is simultaneously safe and orderly.


Valrico Academy recognizes that all children are unique; that each learns in a different style and at a different pace. We strive to meet the individual needs of every student through a variety of programs and differentiated instructional techniques designed to prepare the child for success.

Valrico Academy offers a safe and secure environment with a program that provides a quality and challenging academic education that includes:

  • parental involvement
  • school-wide disciplinary expectations
  • standards designed to foster academic, social and emotional growth.

We offer a balanced and flexible curriculum that provides a firm foundation in the core disciplines with enrichment in Math and Science and the infusion of technology throughout the school day.

Valrico Lake Advantage Academy is an AdvancED accredited educational institution. Accreditation through AdvancED indicates that Valrico Lake Advantage Academy has met rigorous, research- based standards of  educational excellence to ensure the education program offered at Valrico Lake Advantage Academy meets the needs of learners through proficiency in Leadership Capacity, Learning Capacity, and Resource Capacity. Using these standards, Valrico Lake Advantage Academy targets areas in each domain for continuous improvement in creating student success.

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